Well folks,

Today's the day I turn 25. And I must say it's already been an eventful day.

Last night I had an old person moment where I came home and went to bed at 11 (and by went to bed I mean I completely passed out in my clothes due to exhaustion.) Flash forward to 12:20am and I was woken by a loud screeching noise. Oh look, it's the fire alarm being pulled in my building... again. My poor Japanese roommate who had just moved in last week was so confused I felt bad for her, meanwhile the rest of the building all knew the drill and there were many curses thrown at whoever pulled the alarm.

Once the fire department had made it's way to our building and security had turned off the siren we were allowed to go back to bed. Unfortunately I'm one of those people that once I'm woken up I'm up, so I spent the next hour trying to get to sleep for my 10:30-9:15 shift today.

Despite the bit of bad luck to ring in my day, I really feel like today is going to turn around. I'm excited for work because I'm going to high-five every little kid who has the same birthday as me and then at night we are having a going away party for a group of Canadians who's last day will be tomorrow. I know you're probably thinking uh Megan, why would you go to someone else's party instead of your own? And the reason for that is because on Wednesday I will be drinking around the world with my Canadian friends and then at night I'll be going out with my Norwegian friends to celebrate. I'm ok taking the back seat and having a low key birthday today, because if I wanted to do something big then I wouldn't have agreed to work 10 hours today haha.

Anyways, here's hoping my next year is filled with as many friends and great opportunities as this year has been! I'm a lucky gal to be doing what I'm doing!

Later days lovelies!
♥ Megan