What a blast from the past I had these past 3 days!

Epcot is currently holding their Food & Wine Festival which means delicious food from over 30 countries and the Eat to the Beat concert series. (aka: awesome 90s bands from my childhood like Sugar Ray, Smash Mouth, Boyz II Men and Hanson!)

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(photo courtesy my friend Chelsea P. because I can't take them when working)

On Monday and Tuesday I was super fortunate to work the Sugar Ray concert which was awesome because they were one of my favourite bands as a kid. I mean who didn't love Mark McGrath? Well as soon as they stepped on stage all the nastalgia kicked into high gear and there I was singing out all my favourite tunes! Songs like Fly, Every Morning and my all time favourite, Answer The Phone.

What made Monday even better was that I had been assigned to center position which had me sitting right by the front of the stage and in charge of crowd control and VIP. Now the last concert series I worked it was just cover bands so nothing exciting ever happened. But with Sugar Ray, Mark loves to come off stage and give hugs, take pictures and sing to the fans. That's awesome if you're a fan, but normally being a cast member it means you're forgotten about because you have a job to do.

However Mark was really awesome and came off stage and held my hand and sang to me a bit before running off into the crowd. I know... be still my 8 year old heart!!! I'm not going to lie I was SO excited when that happened and the guests sitting around me got a good laugh when I punched the air out of excitement. (I'm a dork what can I say.)

What I loved the most though was Mark's kids. They were adorable! I got to meet his son the first day when I was working by the stage and he's the cutest kid I've ever met. Then on the Tuesday when I was stationed up at the tech booth crowd control I got to watch Mark pull his daughter on stage and dance around with her. Let me tell you, nothing is cooler than a guy who knows how to be a good dad!

Well, except maybe getting to hold the hand of one of your childhood celebrity crushes! haha.

My only goal now is to meet Taylor Hanson because he was my #1 childhood crush! And I'm not ashamed to admit that I still love Hanson... but that's an adventure for another day!

♥ Megan

P.S. in case you were wondering; I managed to use the word 'awesome' 4 times in this short post. That means my encounter with Sugar Ray was truly awesome or I need to buy a thesaurus. ... Perhaps both.

Sugar Ray Concert!

by on Thursday, October 04, 2012
What a blast from the past I had these past 3 days! Epcot is currently holding their Food & Wine Festival which means delicious food f...