Fan Expo Recap! (Image Heavy)

Don't be alarmed by the girl with the big bloody knife, it's just me in my Fan Expo cosplay! This year I went as Hysteria Alice from the Alice: Madness Returns video game. I have a huge obsession with anything related to Alice in Wonderland, so when you take one of my favourite pieces of literature and turn it into a twisted video game, you know I'm going to love it!
blog lovelymissmegs megan cosplay fan expo alice american mcgee costume hysteria
blog lovelymissmegs megan cosplay fan expo dr who
Our day started off with us missing the train and Peter driving us in to Toronto which ended up being a blessing in disguise because it meant we could leave when we were tired vs whenever the trains came.

Next we made our way to the long lineup to enter the convention. Now I'm not going to rant and rave as I did the day of, but lets just say if you ever feel the need to order tickets through Rogers to save on service charges, DON'T DO IT! They screwed us over royally. Greg and I were the only ones to order through them so they separated us from our group to get in another line to pick up our physical tickets. Now you'd think the tickets they sent to our phone would be proof enough, but whatever, I was ok with that. What I wasn't ok with was having to then re-line up in the hour long line I just spent 45 minutes in to get into the convention. Meanwhile my other friends who had their tickets printed from the computer could go right in. Yeah. I was less than impressed, as was everyone else who ordered through Rogers.
blog lovelymissmegs megan cosplay fan expo
blog lovelymissmegs megan cosplay fan expo
Once Greg and I finally made it inside we caught up with our group and made our way to the "sword man" as we call him. Every year Kimi and Greg want to buy swords or weapons of some sort, so he's always the first person we look for. After they both made their purchases we headed over to the Blind Ferret table to go meet some of our favourite webcomic personalities Somer & Lar of Least I Could Do, Gutters, and Looking For Group. It wouldn't matter who was at a convention as long as we could hang out with these two guys. They always know how to make you laugh.
blog lovelymissmegs megan cosplay fan expo
blog lovelymissmegs megan cosplay fan expo
Once we were all hungry we headed to our Fan Expo tradition and hit up The Loose Moose for lunch. As luck would have it, we ended up having terrible service. Our waiter didn't introduce himself to us, nor did he engage in any polite conversation. He walked by our table repeatedly only to serve others in our area, ordered 2 completely wrong meals, and then when were done our food and about to order drinks he came over with the bill we never asked for. We were pretty frustrated because we love the Loose Moose so Kimi went to complain to the manager, which resulted in 2 free pitchers of beer on the house. WIN. I'll take free beer any day!
blog lovelymissmegs megan cosplay fan expo
blog lovelymissmegs megan cosplay fan expo
We then headed back to the convention so Katie could get Tom Felton (Draco Malfoy)'s autograph. She was such a cute fangirl who got star struck the moment she got up to talk to him. We then ran around to the booths with all the fun freebies such as getting to hold Thor's Hammer and Captain America's Sheild at the Marvel booth, getting my picture super imposed with the cast of the big bang theory, and getting to kill Greg in a lightsaber battle photo op at the booth for The Clone Wars. At 4pm we made our way to the Jedi School Panel only to find out it was cancelled but to make up for it they brought in a bunch of R2-D2 droids for people to take pictures with and for the small kids to chase around. Then the 501st devision had their parade and everyone got to take pictures of the giant Star Wars group.
blog lovelymissmegs megan cosplay fan expo
I'd say it was a really good day despite all the setbacks! I already have the wheels turning for what my next cosplay will be... I'm thinking Steampunk, Star Wars or Rapunzel form Tangled. It's always been a dream of mine to do a Disney princess cosplay. Also, I didn't really buy anything at the convention since I'm dirt poor, but I did manage to snag The Guild comic. Win!

Wow, I'm so sorry for this post being huge guys! If you made it this far then that's awesome! If you didn't, well, that's ok too I don't blame you!

I hope you guys are having a great week so far!

♥ Megan

P.S. Parts of my arms are STILL tinted red 4 days later from the fake blood! Luckily the red is off my face though!

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