Magical Monday!

I'm baaaaack! And I have so much to share that I'll have to break it down into 3 posts to spare you from reading an essay. So be prepared for a whole lotta Disney this week! (Apart from an awesome guest post that will be up on Valentine's day!)

First I'm going to start with week 1 of being here (that's the logical place to start right? haha) In our first few days we did a lot things that would be boring to read about like orientation, Walmart trips and unpacking so I'll spare you those details. However on our third day in Florida, my Canadian friends and I took full opportunity of our day off and headed over to Universal. It was awesome because we convinced them to give us the Florida Residents pricing on our annual passes so it was cheap! (My little sister would be so proud of me.)

blog lovelymissmegs megan disney crp canadian traditions
We hit up both of the Universal parks that day and focused on doing all the rides which was great because there were no line ups! (Off season is the BEST!) We also made a stop in the Wizarding World of Harry Potter because everyone wanted to try the butterbeer and visit Honeydukes.

blog lovelymissmegs megan disney crp canadian traditions
Then on Saturday (Feb 4th) we had our Disney Traditions class which was an 8 hour class going over the history, safety and basics that the Walt Disney Company has striven for over the years. Despite being in a classroom for 7 hours we had tons of fun. We took a field trip over to the Magic Kingdom, played some games, watched some videos, and we even had a surprise visitor; of course it was Mickey Mouse!

blog lovelymissmegs megan disney crp canadian traditions
Our Boss (aka the mouse) brought with him our official Disney name tags so that was the perfect ending to a long day of class! It also meant that I would be starting work the next day! But those stories will be reserved for another post!

Until then, have a magical day!
♥ Megan