Believe it or not, these photos are the only ones I've taken since being here. Unfortunately my DSLR is too heavy to lug around the theme parks and my small digital camera is lacking a charger so my first 2 months here are pretty much non-existant until I can find a place to get a new charger.

Thank god for instagram though. Even though the quality is crap it still lets me take photos (when I remember) so here are some of the things I've documented since coming here.

blog lovelymissmegs megan Disney CRP
1. Chillin at gate 53 waiting to leave for Orlando
2. A picture of the plane being de-iced. I've never seen it happen before.
3. The clubhouse at the Commons which is the apartment complex I'm living in.
4. My Tinkerbell alarm clock I got as a going away gift and Mike's hard black cherry lemonade. I'd never seen this flavour before but I love it.
5. Canada, represent!
6. My kickass valentine's day card from Stephanie!
7. The Canadian Pavilion
8. The garden in the UK pavilion is gorgeous
9. I'm a lumberjack!

blog lovelymissmegs megan Disney CRP
1. Despite working during illuminations many, MANY time's I'd never actually stopped to watch the whole thing until recently.
2. Karaoke event for Epcot cast members! So much fun!
3. Celebrated my friend Amanda's birthday at T-rex.
4. My friends and I recently discovered the evil that is known as Four Loko.
5. Chilled with Aladdin and Jasmine on my day off.
6. Found pinapple marble pop at the Japanese pavilion! ^_^
7. The Flower and Garden festival is on at Epcot now so I took this picture of the Mater topiary for my sister who loves him.
8. At work we give out Duffy bears for kids to color, but some days I get really bored. So I made this Doctor Who duffy on one of the days I visited on my day off.
9. On Thursday night a group of friends and I decided to test out Sorcerers at Magic Kingdom. Most of us got bored shortly after, so we gave up and went on the rides and played games such as rock, paper, scissors, lizard, spock on space mountain and we sang along obnoxiously loud with the carousel of progress. Oh the life of a cast member. I love it!

Later lovelies!
♥ Megan