Shark Week's 25th Anniversary!

That's right lovelies, not only is it my favourite week of all time, but it's a very special one as Discovery Channel is celebrating 25 years of Shark Week! Ah, I'm so pumped!

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If you missed yesterday's shows don't worry there are lots of awesome ones coming up! So be sure to keep your tvs permanently set to Discovery!

Here's what the rest of the week looks like:

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Sharkzilla at 9PM e/p

"Discovery is resurrecting the largest shark to ever swim in our oceans, a predator so fierce he could have bitten a T. rex in two: the mighty Megalodon. In response to questions raised by a Miocene era crime scene, a team of engineers and paleontologists work together to design and build this monster, to see just what he was capable of. "

Mythbusters Jawsome Shark Special at 10PM e/p

"This year marks the 25th anniversary of what has become a truly epic week in television — and no celebration would be complete without the MythBusters. Adam Savage and Jamie Hyneman have put themselves in some pretty hair-raising scenarios to bust the biggest shark myths over the years, and now they count down their top 25 of all time"

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How Jaws Changed the World at 9PM e/p

"There are very few movies we can honestly say truly changed the world — but Jaws is one of them. In the aftermath of the film's release, great white sharks were vilified and killed, leading to their near-disappearance from the eastern seaboard. At the same time, public fascination with sharks led to a golden age of shark science that completely changed our view of the ocean and how it works."

Adrift: 47 Days With Sharks at 10PM e/p

"During a routine search and rescue mission over the Pacific in WWII, an American plane crashed into shark-infested waters. This is the inspiring true story of two war heroes — one an Olympian, one a pastor's son — who managed to survive a record-breaking 47 days at sea in a life raft."

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Shark Fight at 9PM e/p

"They've been through the ultimate nightmare: hand-to-jaw combat against the ocean's apex predators, losing limbs and barely escaping with their lives. Meet the Shark Survivors and hear their stories of resilience and triumph as they fight what they consider the ultimate battle: saving sharks and our oceans."

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Great White Highway at 9PM e/p

"Right outside the Golden Gate Bridge in San Francisco is home to some of the biggest great white sharks in the world... but only for part of the year. Teams of scientists from Stanford University's Hopkins Marine Station in Monterey Bay have spent years tagging and tracking these sharks to find out why they come here, why they leave and where they go when they do — out into the Pacific on the Great White Highway."

Shark Week's 25 Best Bites at 10PM e/p

"Shark Week celebrates its 25th anniversary with a jaw-dropping look back at the greatest breaches, brushes, and bites with the ocean's apex predator."


Does anyone else love shark week as much as I do?!

♥ Megan

P.S. All info came directly off the Shark Week website, so be sure to check it out for more interesting stuff!