Oh The Places I've Gone: Disney Cruise

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Confession time: I went on this cruise a month ago and I'm only posting about it now. I just couldn't be bothered to edit the images because I took so many and my problem is I always want to share them all! So sorting through them takes time. I will however say that the cruise was AMAZING!

Greg and I booked a 7 day cruise to the Eastern Caribbean using my Disney discount which meant we were lucky ducks and only had to pay half the price! But I'll admit I would have gladly paid full price because the cruise was that wonderful!

blog lovelymissmegs megan disney cruise
The first 2 days we actually spent at sea but it was anything but boring. We met characters, worked on our tans and we were both able to get the rest and relaxation which we so badly needed from our every day lives. After those two days we docked at our first port of call which was St. Thomas in the Virgin Islands. Greg and myself, along with another couple our age made the trek to Blackbeard's castle which occupied us for about 2 hours.

Along the way we visited a handful of historic houses and the Amber museum but other than that St. Thomas kind of bored us. Even Blackbeard's castle was a bit of a disappointment because it was just a small lookout tower and not a castle at all. So we made our way back to the ship to have a nap then get ready for dinner.
blog lovelymissmegs megan disney cruise
I'll admit the view from the top of Blackbeard's castle was beautiful but the skinny, spiral staircase that was rusted and floor boards that were rotting away scared the bajeesus out of me to climb. So we didn't stay up there long. Who knew I was so scared of heights?!

blog lovelymissmegs megan disney cruise
The next day we stopped in San Juan and went on a tour of the Bacardi factory & Old San Juan. At the Bacardi factory we learned the process of how they turn sugar cane into rum and they even gave us some free drinks from their bar. (We threw caution to the wind and decided having a couple of drinks at 10am was ok, we were on vacation after all!)

However my favourite part of San Juan was when we visited the Castillo de San Cristóbal. It was a huge fort that was built by the Spanish when they sailed across to the Americas. I can't help but go crazy for historical places and the history student in me was very pleased.
blog lovelymissmegs megan disney cruise
This is one of the few photos of Greg and I together because I'm always too shy to ask strangers to take a picture for me. Heck I didn't even ask someone to take this, instead a lady offered because she thought we should have at least one picture of us together on the trip. What a sweetheart!

blog lovelymissmegs megan disney cruise
Lastly we stopped at Disney's private island which is Castaway Cay, located somewhere in the Bahamas. The weather was amazing because it wasn't too hot like St. Thomas was, but it was warm enough where we weren't going to freeze while being in our bathing suits. And spending the day in our bathing suits is exactly what we did. We spent the entire day lying under a palm tree and only took breaks to eat, watch the international crab races or to go swimming in the crystal clear water. I was amazed that even at 4 feet deep you could still see the ocean floor perfectly.
blog lovelymissmegs megan disney cruise
Like I said before the cruise was amazing and Greg is already planning out our next one, that's how much he enjoyed it!

Other bonuses from the trip were: not getting sea sick which I was so worried I would // hearing all the disney songs the ship's horn can play // Pirate Night festivities and FINALLY getting to meet Jack Sparrow // seeing the premier of Wreck-it Ralph at the same time it was coming out in movie theatres // seeing my friend Katelyn from high school because she is a dancer in the big cruise shows // all you can eat soft-serve ice cream // trying flavours of rum I didn't even know existed // and most importantly getting to see Greg again! I missed him.

Of course I have less than 2 months left of my program so the chances of me going on another trip are slim, but 3 major trips in 1 year has been an amazing experience!

It's funny how when you are living in your home country it's a lot harder for you to go on vacations than it is when you are living in a different country. I wonder why that is?


♥ Megan

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