Life Lately...

blog wanderlust whimsy megan drawing purple hair illustration
I recently discovered a stack of old sketchbooks (why do I own 8?) with drawings that I really liked but never finished. It's strange but I'll go through a phase where I draw like crazy then I won't draw anything for a very long while. This lady however is going up on my wall because I'm envious of her dreamy lavender hair!

blog wanderlust whimsy megan hot belly mamas peterborough sisters free market
On Saturday my sisters, Greg and I headed up to Peterborough to visit the Free Market event they had at Sadleir House. For a group of sisters who love thrifting this was like a dream come true because everything was FREE! Clothing, books, electronics, and kitchen wares... ALL FREE! This event was what dreams were made of. And as you can see we did pretty good with finding stuff, including both hats my sisters are wearing.

blog wanderlust whimsy megan hot belly mamas peterborough sisters
Of course no trip to Peterborough is complete without eating at Hot Belly Mamas! This is hands down my favourite restaurant of all time. So if ever you are in town you NEED to eat there! It's delicious Cajun food and the restaurant decor is eclectic and reflective of New Orleans! Not to mention they have the best food ever (pulled pork sandwich with a double order of spicy sweet potato fries, yes please!)

blog wanderlust whimsy megan turkey nature lynde shores
Another thing I'm enjoying now that the weather is warm is going for walks with Greg. Sometimes we will visit a local conservation park to feed the birds and chipmunks, but we were very surprised to come across 7 turkeys the other day! I've never seen a wild turkey before, so that was pretty cool.

blog wanderlust whimsy megan shoes joe fresh h&m value village thrift pink yellow orange green teal black gold silver
Lastly, I've been sorting through my closet. It's been a slow process but I'm about half way done. However when I looked at my shoes I discovered I really love buying heels but I rarely wear them. I think I'm too scared to wear them during the day because every time I do people ask me why I'm so dressed up which instantly makes me feel over-dressed. Does anyone else have this problem with wearing heels?

If you have any advice on how to conquer this fear, let a girl know!

♥ Megan