The downside of having a ghetto phone and no wifi for my ipod touch means that a lot of my instagram photos don't actually make it on to my feed, so I thought I'd share a bunch on here!

-->> LIFE <<--
blog lovelymissmegs megan
1. Someone put soap in the fountain and bubbles were EVERYWHERE! (No it wasn't me)
2. My daily bus ride to work.
3. Playing Taboo at Games (The Canadians get together and play games every Monday)
4. My name tag and my leaving book (like a yearbook for all my friends to sign)

-->> WORK <<--
blog lovelymissmegs megan
1. CDS telling me to drop Greeter so I could pick up Kidcot. This was the worst day ever, I got called into work on my day off, and then extended an extra hour and 15 minutes.
2. Hanging out with my friends from France. We started a karaoke party in the break trailer.
3. Thank you person who wrote this on the kidcot table, I will NOT have a good day as I now have to scrub this permanent marker off the table.
4. The view from Greeter position.

-->> CREATIVITY <<--
blog lovelymissmegs megan
1. Went to Walmart to get craft supplies because I haven't done anything crafty in 6 months.
2. The result of my craftiness. Total cost: $2. WIN!
3. Creating a Duffy that looks like a Mexican attractions girl so we can play tag with guests
4. My epic Dragon Duffy that took 3 Duffy's to make. Then someone gave it away without telling me.

-->> THE BEACH <<--
blog lovelymissmegs megan
1. We were driving through these dark clouds the entire time which had us worried.
2. My bestie Amanda in the back seat with me.
3. Finally getting to the beach.
4. This is how the rest of my day looked... it was then followed by a horrible sunburn that makes it impossible to sit without being in pain.

-->> HOME <<--
blog lovelymissmegs megan
1. My bear plush from Brave. Cost me $5 at Cast Connections and he is the closest thing I have to my pups back home.
2. A menu from my favourite ice cream parlor; Beaches and Cream. I can't wait to have this in my 50s themed kitchen when I get my own house.
3. My wall of memories before I took it down to make my room look less cluttered.
4. Butter tarts I made for an international dinner with my friends where we all had to make food from our countries

-->> ME <<--
blog lovelymissmegs megan
1. Did you know that Justin Bieber, fellow Canadian, has his own section of cards at Walmart?! CRAZY. They even have lifesize ones. Creepy.
2. Playing dressup with my friend Allison's wigs. I kept calling myself a mermaid this night.
3. I'm contemplating going blonde... thoughts?
4. I caved and bought some heels. They were only $10 though so I didn't feel bad about it.

So that's been what my July & August look like! Only 5 months to go before I'm back in Canada, and all I keep thinking is where did the time go?!

I think it's time to start jam packing life with even more adventures! Gotta live it up before I go home!

♥ Megan