Oh The Places I've Gone: Vegas

This week I've decided to fill you in on all the fun things I've done in the past, oh... 7 months?!

I figured a good place to start was to share pictures and re-tellings of all the trips I've taken since coming to America. So up first is my spur of the moment trip to Vegas with my Norwegian friend Tom that happened all the way back in May! (yikes!)

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Ever since meeting my friend Tom back in January he kept saying his one goal was to go to Vegas for his 21st birthday. I mean if you're going to turn legal in America why not go big (though turning legal is nothing new for him or I since our drinking ages are 18/19 in our respective countries)

We joked around for months about doing this (with a few of our other friends) but nothing serious came of it until one day Tom and his friend Erlend booked the trip. Well flash forward a month and Erlend left the program which left Tom with a ticket to Vegas but no one to go with. I felt bad because he wanted to go to Vegas and I didn't want him to go alone so I booked a last minute flight to Vegas and that was that.

blog lovelymissmegs megan
While there we walked the strip, saw the shark exhibit at Mandalay, visited Gold & Silver Pawn shop which you might know better as the pawn shop from Pawn Stars and as a birthday present for Tom we went to see Peepshow which is Holly Madison's burlesque show. (She's the playboy bunny who was engaged to Hef)

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The inside of Gold & Silver pawn amazed me because it's actually quite small inside but when you watch it on tv it looks so big. I guess that's the magic of television, however Holly Madison was just as beautiful in person as on tv so that was nice.

We also made an effort to go to LAX one night which was fun but my feet were killing me after parting til the wee hours of the morning. As for the gambling part of Vegas I didn't really partake in it because my flight had cost so much that I couldn't afford to just throw money away, but Tom did well.

blog lovelymissmegs megan
We ended the trip with a visit to the top of the Eiffle tower and one last walk down the strip before we had to take our early morning flights. Even though the trip was a short one it was still nice to hang out with Tom because he ended up leaving the program to go back to school in Norway 2 weeks later. So this trip will always be a bitter-sweet memory for me, but one that was definitely a lot of fun!

Other memorable parts of the trip:
watching Tom learning how to iron a shirt // "Hellz yeah" which was Tom's catchphrase the entire trip // the drinks from Coyote Ugly // the scary characters on the streets trying to make money // petting stingrays at Mandalay Bay // seeing items for sale in Gold & Silver pawn shop that were featured on the show // watching the fountains at The Bellagio and the Siren show at Treasure Island // Tom's birthday

♥ Megan