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Ah guys! I don't even know where to start! My heart is all a flutter and I'm super excited! It's been hard keeping this a secret for two weeks, but I wanted to make sure all our close friends and family knew before we went announcing it to the world (though if you follow me on instagram you got an early sneak peek). Anyways! Words cannot describe how over the moon I am! Greg is now my fiance! Woohoo!

It all happened on July 11th, and I will say this, I was caught completely off guard! Keep in mind it was only a month ago when I had my proposal psych out, so I was pretty darn sure Greg wasn't going to propose. In fact I was having a pretty crummy day because I woke up and couldn't find my dog. Nothing is worse than waking up and thinking your dog has run away (luckily he was hiding in the backyard and nothing bad happened). So when Greg suggested we take outfit photos to take my mind off my bad day, I thought nothing of it. BOY WAS I WRONG.

After taking lots of outfit photos we had lost the lighting and I was ready to head back to the car. On the way out I got distracted by some daisies and started to snap some photos. A second later I could hear Greg say behind me "Hey hun", so I turned around and there he was on one knee! The minute I saw this I began to cry (like, full on ugly crying). Then in true Megan fashion, the first thing out of my mouth was "Is this really happening?!" followed by a lot more happy tears. Finally when he asked me to be his wife I awkwardly exclaimed "Of course I will stupid!" to which I instantly thought -wow, way to keep it classy Megan-. I think Greg was surprised by my answer so when he said "What?" I replied with "...of course I will!" and tried to pretend like I never said the 'stupid' part... but we both know I did, haha! I was a hot mess. But his proposal was absolutely wonderful.

I was so happy it took place at Cullen Gardens too because we always go there for walks when we want to have a romantic evening. It also means a lot to us because Cullen Gardens was a big part of our childhood before it closed down and became an overgrown and abandoned park. Reminiscing about our childhood is one of the things we always do when there, and now we will always reminisce about our proposal too!

blog wanderlust whimsy megan wedding proposal
However, the funniest part of the evening was when we were leaving and we ran into a group of 6 or so photographers walking to their cars. One of the older ladies saw that I had been crying and stopped to ask what was wrong. I told her nothing was wrong and that Greg had just proposed and she screamed out "OH MY GOD SHE JUST GOT ENGAGED!!!" and then proceeded to give Greg and I giant hugs. haha. Thank you super sweet stranger lady, I will always remember you when I tell the story of my engagement and how cute you were. The other photographers all stopped to congratulate us and when she left the sweet older lady said the best piece of advice she could give us from her 35 years of marriage was to never go to bed angry and always say I love you. Bless her heart.

As for a wedding date, it won't be for a while because Greg and I want to settle down in a nice house first. That being said, we're thinking June 2015 will probably be when we tie the knot! It's so exciting that I get to marry such a great guy, and my best friend! I can't wait to be Mrs. Megan Thursby!

Until then, I hope you all have a day as wonderful as mine is!

♥ Megan

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