The ABC's of Me

Hello and welcome to Wanderlust & Whimsy! My little corner of the internet where I like to share adventures, inspiration and pretty things!

I thought as a fun way to introduce myself I would put together a collage I like to call 'The ABC's of Me', that way you can kind of get a feel for my interests in a fun and colorful way (because as you will soon find out, I love colorful things!) So without further adieu, here it is:

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A ♥  Alice in Wonderland. this has always been one of my favourite childhood books. I currently own 5 different copies of it because I like to collect different published versions. My oldest copy is over 100 years old which I think is pretty neat!

B ♥  Baking. I LOVE baking! Cupcakes and cakes are my favourite to bake and decorate, and I find it such a fun way to relieve stress or sadness. I tend to only bake for others though because I have no use for 2 dozen cupcakes sitting around my house. ^_^

C ♥  Cosplay. I love making costumes and getting dressed up for conventions. I also love being inspired by other cosplayers. In this picture is of the always stunning Yaya Han.

D ♥  Drawing. I like to draw when I'm bored or procrastinating, and though I don't draw often, I'm always trying to improve.

E ♥  Entertaining. I love throwing parties, especially if they have fun themes to them! I also love entertaining because it's a great way to enjoy good food and good friends! Two of my all time favourite things in life!

F ♥  Fashion. High fashion, runway, editorial, street, everyday. You name it, I love it. As a kid I wanted to be a fashion designer (but that was only if being an Egyptian archeologist didn't pan out... I was a dreamer.)

G ♥  Glitter. I love anything that sparkles and shines. Or to quote London Tipton "It... has ...SPARKLES!!!" - a catch phrase I often use in everyday life.

H ♥  Harry Potter. I have grown up with the wizarding world of Harry Potter since I was 11 and it has always had a big place in my heart. It was one of the first series of books I really enjoyed, and still do to this day.

I ♥  Imagining. I love to imagine and I believe you can accomplish whatever it is you want in life if only you can imagine it.

J ♥  Jack Skellington. Ok so I cheated for this one because it encompass two of my favourite things that don't start with J. The first is Tim Burton. I find him inspiring and his creativity never ceases to amaze me. Secondly this represents my love for Halloween. Halloween is my all time favourite holiday. More than Christmas, Thanksgiving and Valentines day.

K ♥  Kitschy things. Especially dresses with crazy prints such as this, this or this! I think these prints display the fun and quirky personality I have and I'm not afraid to show it!

L ♥  Learning. If being a student was a full time, paying job then I would totally do that as a profession. There are so many interesting subjects that I want to learn about and they don't have to be school related either. It could be a new recipe, a new way to do my hair or a fun DIY. There's just so much information out there and I want to learn more!

M ♥  Makeup. While on an everyday basis, I don't normally wear makeup, I still find it to be such a beautiful thing. I especially like over the top makeup that is more artistic than realistic. Pictured above is Lime Crime. Her makeup is gorgeous and comes in such fun colours.

N ♥  Nail Polish. I like nail polish because it's an easy and fun way to bring colour and pattern into whatever you are wearing.

O ♥  Old English. Fun fact, I can read Old English. It's older than Shakespeare and Chaucer in case you were wondering just how old it is. It was honestly one of my all time favourite subjects to take during university.

P ♥  Photography. I love taking pictures whether they are my attempts at good photography or everyday snapshots. Documenting my life through images is something I've always done, and I find photography to be a great medium to express ideas, events and everyday life.

Q ♥  QWERTY. I spend a lot of time on my computer whether it's on Photoshop, the internet or writing essays for class. I don't know what I would do without it, and I'm not afraid to admit that.

R ♥  Rococo. Anything that has to do with the rococo period, Marie Antoinette, Versailles, damask, chandeliers, etc I am in love with.

S ♥  Sewing. I love being able to make clothing, costumes and accessories for myself, it's gives a lot of freedom to your wardrobe!

T ♥  Travel. I took this picture during the month I spent living in Shanghai, China and since then I've spent a year living in Florida, working as part of Disney World's Cultural Representative Program. Personally I think you can learn so much from travel that you never would in any classroom and so it is my goal in life to travel to as many places in the world as I can.

U ♥  Unicorns. More importantly The Last Unicorn. This movie has been one of my all time favourites since I was 4 years old. When I was little my mom would let me pick a movie to rent every week from the store and every time I would pick this movie. The story is so sad but beautiful and I love the animation.

V ♥  Vintage. Vintage clothes, furniture, accessories, decor, houses, cars etc. I find it all to have a certain charm that most things produced today just don't possess.

W ♥  Wanderlust & Whimsy. No I'm not talking about my blog, I'm talking about these two words in general. They are both words that I use to describe my life. Wanderlust describes my need to constantly travel and try new things and whimsy describes the beauty and magic I like to look for in everyday life.

X ♥  X-men. I am a huge X-men nerd! My two favourite X-men as you can probably guess are Rogue and Gambit, followed closely by a fellow Canadian, Wolverine. Don't ever mention Cyclops to me though, because I can't stand him.

Y ♥  Yes. Yes is the one word that I have a love/ hate relationship. I love it because I like to help people, I like being positive and I like when things work out well in the end, but at the same time I have a bad habit of wanting to help everyone and stretching myself too thin because I say yes to helping everyone I can.

Z ♥  Zebra print. Ok this was a cop-out. But I do appreciate a good zebra print. I also really enjoy damask, floral, stripes, polka dots and super kitschy prints too.

Well, hopefully this has helped you get to know me a bit better! And here's hoping I can get to know you a bit better in turn!

Take care lovelies!
♥ Megan

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