Spring Style

Happy first day of spring everyone!

Spring honestly makes me so happy because everything gets off to a fresh start! I get to hear the sound of birds chirping in the morning, I start to do my spring cleaning, and school is wrapping up which means... dum dum dum duummmm.... REAL LIFE is going to begin for me! Aaah!

That's right, finally after 5 years of University I'll be graduating and becoming a real adult who won't be able to use school as an excuse to not grow up. It's bad I know, but if Neverland were real, I'd be on the next pixie flight there.

Instead I decided to look into teaching English in South Korea... It's still a far away land I've never been to, but I'm guessing I'll definitely grow up there.

So to get the ball rolling, and to finally re-vamp my wardrobe which still has me wearing the latest clothing from my high school days I created a compilation of fashion finds I am currently in LOVE with.

If you couldn't tell by my blog layout or these items, my newest color obsessions are cream, pastel pinks and pastel turquoises, or as I call them, my 'Marie Antoinette' colours. Of course if you know me, you'll also know that black is a huge staple colour in my wardrobe, and while I've been trying for years to slowly get away from always wearing black, I still can't help but love certain pieces here and there.

What is your current inspiration for spring when it comes to fashion? I'd love to see!

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  1. I adore 'marie antoinette' colours too! My whole wardrobe could be those shades <3


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