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I've been a huge fan of these dancers for quite some time and I'm excited to share them with you! Normally I don't like dance movies because I find the stories to be too similar and the dancing is not as good as it could be (mainly because the main characters are not professional dancers, but actors who learned to dance).

However, that all changed when I came across the LXD. After seeing a few episodes (they are only about 15 minutes long), my mind was blown by the talent of these dancers and I couldn't believe there was a dance movie I liked. Maybe it's because the storyline is like Heroes. Or maybe it's because the film doesn't revolve around the life of a dancer but instead is told using dance as a medium. Either way. I fell in love. I especially love how a variety of dance styles are used in these stories, not just hip-hop or ballet.

The LXD are the Legion of Extraordinary Dancers and they have performed on everything from Ellen (her vegas episode) to the Oscars. So bless my heart when I found out they were the opening act for the GLEE concert! I think I was the only person at the concert just as excited for the LXD as I was for the GLEE cast.And let me tell you, they were AMAZING live!!!

Also, if you are a fan of GLEE, you will be happy to know that Harry Chum Jr. (aka: Mike Chang) is part of the LXD cast (watch: Elliot's Shoes)

So for this week's My Favourite Things Monday I'm going to introduce you to The LXD:

This is a clip from Robot Lovestory, which is my favourite episode of the LXD so far. This man's talent is out of this world, and the story is amazing. Not to mention I am in awe of the Dark Nurse... but you'll have to watch the full episode to see her.

And here is the trailer for season 2. I'm SO EXCITED!

What are you lovin' this week?


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