Why Passports and Packing Don't Mix: A Cautionary Tale

As I mentioned in my graduation post, my parents surprised me with a trip to Orlando to visit Universal Studios and Disney World as a grad gift.

Was I super excited? YA YOU BETCHA!
Was I amazed they did all this planning behind my back? Yeah, my mind was officially blown!
Was I prepared for it to be so soon? Hellz no!

Because we've been packing the house up like crazy to move (2 days ah!) I've had no time to figure out what I need to buy/ pack for my trip. It's just been non-stop packing 23 years of our life into cardboard boxes.

Now I know you're probably like... ok what does this have to do with passports?

Well... somehow amongst all the packing chaos, I lost my passport. I leave for Orlando in 8 days, and my passport is nowhere to be found! Chances are it's probably in the bottom of some stupid box, but we honestly don't have the time to open every box we ever packed in hopes of finding it.

So what does that mean? It means I had to call Passport Canada and report my passport as lost and cancel it immediately. Then I had to run to the Passport Canada office (half an hour before they close) and try to get all the proper forms I need. Now, because it's such short notice and I leave so soon I think I'm justified in panicking. Right?

Well I guess not. The lady at the passport place did not care. She was rude and belittling even though I was trying not to show that I was freaking out on the inside. I mean, HELLO I could possibly ruin this trip for my boyfriend and have lost my parents a whole bunch of money, could you not be understanding or at least pretend to care?!

So now I have 2 forms to fill out, I have to go to a lawyer tomorrow to get my forms notarized, I spent $10 getting passport photos re-done, and I'll have to spend $117 (which I don't have) to get the actual passport replaced in such a short period of time. Then the DAY BEFORE I leave for Florida I have to drive to Scarborough and pray my new passport is there on time for me to pick up.

Right now I really don't need this whole passport fiasco, but I guess all my good luck had to come to an end right?

Here's hoping my luck turns around soon. *fingers crossed*


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