Shoe Wishlist + a Karmaloop Sale Code

I really don't need more shoes than I already own, but when I see pretty ones like this I can't help but want them!!! Truthfully, every time I oogle these shoes I can feel my shopping ban weaken. (Why oh why do I feel like I'm going to spoil myself when I get down to Florida?!)

blog lovelymissmegs megan

You'll also notice all the shoes I picked are under $100 because I personally can't afford to spend more than that on one pair. So if you're like me, here's some good news:
blog lovelymissmegs megan
Or if you're using a sale code like they currently have then add "missmegs" into the repcode field and save an extra 1% haha! Every little bit counts right?

This code is great for all sorts of awesome items too! Like Betsey Johnson dresses and tokidoki bags! But I'm currently obsessing over shoes so that's what I'm sharing!

♥ Megan