Making History

On Friday, August 31st I got to be a part of Disney history! Epcot is counting down 30 days until it's 30th anniversary and this photo marks the start. In this photo are cast members not only from current day Epcot but also from as far back as 30 years ago when it first opened. How cool is that!? Mickey and Minnie dropped by too!

blog lovelymissmegs megan

I've also included the following picture so you don't spend forever playing Where's Waldo trying to find me.

blog lovelymissmegs megan

After the giant group photo all the Canadians headed over to our home and native land (national anthem reference) and took another group photo of just us lumberjacks. Clearly this isn't everyone who works in the pavilion, but the picture required us to wake up at 5:45am so lots of people opted for sleep instead. Not us though!

blog lovelymissmegs megan

I love that I get to be a part of cool things like this! My job is so awesome!

♥ Megan

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