A Sentimental Sunday

Have you ever gone somewhere in the world, and had such an amazing time that when you come back home all you do is miss that place immensely?

That is how I am with China. In August, 2010 I spent a month living in Shanghai, learning to read, write and speak mandarin, and let me tell you it was one of the best life experiences I've ever had.

However because this program is open to students all over the world, it makes it hard when you have to say goodbye to friends you became really close with. And while technology today really helps us to stay in touch, it's just not the same as getting together and going to a KTV, or even the corner store.

So until I can save up enough money to travel across the world to see these friends again I'll just have to keep my amazing memories and look back on the photos of all the good times we had.

First day of school after we had been placed in our classes. I was clearly beginner level.
Our teacher (laoshi) leading the class on our first day.
At Suzhou, in one of the many gorgeous gardens. This one was a bonsai garden.
My friend Christina who came with me from Canada. We had never met before this trip and became very close friends as a result.
Christina and I.

My friend Alex from Germany in front of a display in one of the Caribbean pavilions at World Expo.
Part of the Canadian pavilion at the World Expo that was held in China that year. Yay Canada!

Ribbons hung from trees all over the temple in Suzhou.
The cuuutest pigs ever at the zoo in Shanghai.
Lastly, the amazing friends I made and my two teachers (3rd and 4th from the right)
China, you were amazing. I will never forget you and I will be back eventually!