Magical Monday!

I completely forgot to tell you guys but look what came in the mail 2 days before Christmas!
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My Disney Look book! I also got my official offer of employment from Disney on Mickey Mouse letterhead. How cool is it to have official Disney mail? (Let me tell ya, it's pretty darn cool!)

Anyways, there's only 21 days until I leave guys! I really need to get my act in gear and start planning on what I need to pack. I have a feeling packing for a year abroad is going to be a lot harder than I anticipate.

Do any of you have pointers on packing for extended periods of time away from home? The longest I've ever been abroad was a month and even then my suitcase was pretty big!

Also, just to make things super exciting, Disney is having an event the night I get there called “You’ve Got a Friend in Me” Welcome Event where we can get our pictures taken with Toy Story characters, and there will be free food, drinks and dancing! *resisting the urge to explode with excitement*

Have a magical day everyone!
♥ Megan