The Best Day of My Disney Adventure

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Out of the past 7 months I can confidently say that last Monday was the best day of my entire contract. I don't know if I mentioned this on the blog before, but I have become a Disney Trainer which means I train all new Canadian Cast Members plus new coordinators and managers which is a pretty awesome job. Because of this our two Training Managers decided to organize an outing for all the trainers from World Showcase as a thank you for our hard work. (Oh and the best part is we were scheduled for this which meant we were getting paid the whole time! WIN!)

Anyways, first we met at Epcot where our managers surprised us with a ride on Soarin' which is Epcot's most popular ride. At times the line can be 2 hours long, but thanks to our Managers we got to come in the back VIP entrance (the one all the celebs use when visiting) and we skipped the line completely! It was amazing! I had done Soarin' a few times before so the ride itself was not the excitement for me, it was more the experience of hanging out with my friends from other countries all day and getting to skip lines. So I was a very happy gal.

Then the managers herded us on a bus without telling us where we were going. Of course being the nosey cast members that we are we avidly watched the road signs to try and figure it out. Turns out we ended up at Animal Kingdom. From there we hopped on our own private tour of Kilimanjaro Safaris where they told us lots of cool background information that most guests don't get to hear. Then when we thought we were done at the park the Managers lead us over to Expedition Everest which is the big roller coaster at DAK. We were all stoked because again, we got to take up an entire ride and hop on it straight away without having to wait. It was like we were VIPs all day!

After a thrilling ride with the Yeti, we jumped on the bus and our managers told us that we were headed to Magic Kingdom! (So awesome!!!) Once there we were told to grab some Sorcerers cards and run around the park playing Sorcerers for an hour. We played the game for a bit but decided to watch the 3oclock parade instead to try get all the characters to wave back at us (yes, Disney makes you feel and act like you are 5 again). To my surprise a lot of them did wave back and interact with us.

Once our hour was up (and the majority of us were starving) we headed back to Epcot where our managers had pizza and cookies waiting for us... in the VIP lounge at the Seas! WHAT?! That place was so awesome! All the conference rooms had windows into the aquarium and the big lounging area with a baby grand piano also had views into the aquarium. So while eating pizza we got to sit on fancy couches watching sharks and fish swim by. It couldn't have been any cooler! And to top it all off we took a trainer family photo which you can see above.

I've really been fortunate to have such a great experience like this and it's all thanks to my two managers and a group of amazing people.

What's been new and awesome in your lives lately?!
♥ Megan