Birthday Present Surprise

In 5 more days, you will be mine camera. Oh yes, you will be mine.


... that is if I get it for my birthday. It's the only thing I asked for this year, so I'm praaaaaaying I get it. haha. Chances are by writing this though I just jinxed any chances I had.

You see, my dad has this thing where he likes to buy you something completely random that you never asked for as a gift. Even if you bluntly tell him EXACTLY what you want. For example, he had a company Christmas party this year where they have a raffle for prizes. Every year they have some sort of video game thing whether it's the wii, new ps3, or xbox Kinect.

Well this year I couldn't go to the party but I still wanted my dad to put in a few raffle tickets for the Xbox Kinect so I could give it to my boyfriend for a Christmas present if I won. I SPECIFICALLY said "Put a ticket in for me if they have a kinect so I CAN GIVE IT TO GREG for Christmas" (I even made sure to write it in capslock).

Christmas rolls around and what do I get as a gift? An xbox and a kinect.

W-t-f dad?! Oh well, beggars can't be choosers and I do love my xbox and kinect, so I am greatful for the mixup.

Back to the pressing matter though, I really hope I get my camera. I sent him an email with the exact name of the camera, a link to the futureshop website where he can order it online, and I said I would pay for half the camera (since it is kind of pricey).

...My guess is for my birthday I will end up with a bike horn or a jar of peanut butter instead. (True story, for Christmas this year he bought my little sister a bike horn that sounds like those ones clowns have, and a giant jar of peanut butter!) Captain Random much?!

If I don't get my camera though, it's no big deal, I've been saving my money because I am dying after 4 months without a camera.

So fingers crossed that I get it. If not I'll let you know what random gift I got instead. It will probably be something hilarious.


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