Kreativ Blogger Award and 10 Facts About Me!

The always lovely Abbie of All About Abbie... tagged me the other day in her Kreativ Blogger Award post. She has such a cute blog, and she's been nothing but nice since I joined the world of blogging, so go give her some love if you haven't checked her out already!

The Rules

Say 10 facts about yourself
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Fun Fact time!


1. I miss my fun coloured hair. I've had hot pink that glowed in black-light, purple, pink with blue streaks and orange. It's been so long since I have been able to have fun coloured hair though because I tutor at a public school and a teacher with hot pink hair is frowned upon. :(


2. My friends and I are super nerdy and like to dress up in costumes for comic book conventions and 'zombie walks'. If you're wondering what a zombie walk is, its a big gathering of people (in my case in Toronto) who all dress up like zombies and walk in a parade through the town. It happens every October as a way to sort of get in the mood for Halloween. My newest costume I'm working on will be a jedi costume for FanExpo in August.


3. I'm applying to work at Disney World for a year starting in 2012. If I get the job I will be working at the Canadian Pavilion in Epcot.


4. I love baking! It's my other stress reliever and I love getting creative with it. This cake is one I made for my boyfriend's birthday this year. Everything on it is edible including all the metallic looking gears and the goggles.


5. I love anything and everything to do with steampunk! For example my boyfriend's cake pictured above is steampunk themed. If you're wondering what steampunk is check this Wiki article for a brief introduction. Also the picture above is the cover of a steampunk band I like.

6. I have REALLY eclectic tastes in music. I've included a few random songs I have in my itunes just to give you a glimpse of how all over the map my music tastes are. We have chill music, dance music, music from the 40s, korean pop, rockabilly, oldies, steampunk/ underground,  rock, top 40 and Canadian!


7. I think it's absolutely HILARIOUS when my dog watches tv. If there is any type of animal on the tv he will watch it intently. He's like the tv watching puppy from 101 Dalmatians. And if he hears you say TV  or "Toby! TV!" he comes running from wherever he is to come watch the tv.... We didn't teach him this either. He just does it on his own. What a bizarre pup.


8. I live, eat, breathe, sleep my university. Woo Trent University! During my years here I've been involved in student parliament, numerous social events, I've been an Introductory Week Leader 3 times (kind of like 'frosh' week), been a part of 2 musicals, was a camp leader for incoming international students, and made so many AMAZING friends. I really don't want to graduate this year. I love Trent too much.


9. I love my boyfriend Greg so much! We've been together for 2 years now. <3




10. My family is very important to me. I have two younger sisters, Chelsea (left) and Caitlyn (right). I also love my Mom. She is the one person who keeps me grounded, and gives me undying amounts of love and support. (she refuses to have her picture taken so that was the best picture I could find! haha)

Now I tag the following people!


To be honest I'm not sure who has and hasn't been tagged in this from other various blogs, so if you haven't done this one yet then I tag you!



Abbie April 13, 2011 3:43 pm  

I love these types of posts, it's a great way to find out interesting facts about fellow bloggers! The zombie walk sounds right up my street! My friend is really into steam punk too, he has made the most amazing metal steam punk style kaleidscopes, magnifying glasses and trinket boxes. They really are beautiful, one day I'll have to photograph them and blog about them!

Thanks for the kind words! I always enjoy reading your blog :)

Xx Abbie xX

Megan April 13, 2011 4:02 pm  

I would love to see your friend's work, it sounds really interesting. And thank you for the kind words as well!

Erin Dawn April 13, 2011 8:49 pm  

ZOMBIE WALKS! I can't wait to go on some this summer!!!!

Megan April 13, 2011 9:27 pm  

They have zombie walks in the summer?! That's amazing! We only have them in October :(

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