My Favourite Things Monday: Drawing

One of my favourite things to do ever since I was little girl is to draw. I use it to relieve stress and as a way to be creative when I don't have time to sew or bake. So I thought I'd post a few drawings I did a long time ago. I know I'm not the best and have a lot to improve on but this is more of a hobby than something I ever planned on taking seriously. Also sorry I have nothing recent, I've just been doodling in my sketchbook lately because I'm lacking inspiration.




1. I secretly love "scene" hair and big hair bows
2. Random doodle that got coloured of Sarah from the movie The Labyrinth
3. I
love rockabilly and sleeve tattoos... however I will NEVER draw sleeve tattoos again as that took me FOREVER to draw
4. Poison Ivy

As you can see in these drawings, I mostly like to colour in either photoshop or with my prismacolour and copic markers. I think both mediums are great and I'm still learning how to use both properly. That's one thing I love about drawing though, you're always practicing with every piece you do and you can most definitely see the improvement over the years.

Hope you enjoy my random drawings and if you have any ideas to inspire me, fire away!



  1. They're fab!! I also love drawing, it's a great way to relax and get creative!

  2. Poison Ivy <3 she is my goddess! x

  3. I love these! And I secretly like scene hair too.

  4. Abbie: Thanks so much! I'd love to see some of your drawings!

    Rai: Mine too, she's one of my favourites from the Batman universe.

    Erin: Thanks! I'm so glad I'm not the only one who secretly loves outrageous scene hair.


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