I Need Your Fashion Expertise

So I'm going to a wedding *cough*tomorrow*cough* and I still have no idea what to wear. It's an outdoor wedding in the afternoon and her theme is kind of like a garden party.

I have this dress I'd love to wear (it's the same as the ivory lace one I wore here), but my biggest problems are 1. I never know how to accessorize and 2. I need to wear a cardi because I hate my arms. The only thing I worry about is, are cardigans too casual for a wedding?

Pretty much what I'm asking is:

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I figure you guys are waaaay more fashionable than I am so you would know what to do!

If you want to help me out, leave a comment describing how you would style this dress, or you can make a polyvore set if you're the type of person who likes visuals. You'll find the dress in the Set maker if you click on dresses and then search H&M.

Oh boy, I sure do leave things to the last minute don't I?