What I Wore: Leaves and Lace

Hey guys!! I just want to say before I share another outfit from The Wardrobe Project, that I am super excited! I officially reached 50 followers yesterday and my mind is blown! Thank you so much to everyone for making my little blog a part of your day and hello to all my new followers!

Ok on with the post! Woo!

blog lovelymissmegs megs outfit lace cream h&m dress
Ah! I love this dress so much! It's the perfect mix of girly and comfy all wrapped up into one! The only downside is I had to break my shopping ban to get it. -fail- And what's worse is I couldn't decide between this or the purple one so I bought both -EPIC fail- Oh well. It just means no more shopping for a while, which I'm ok with since believe it or not I don't like shopping.

This dress was totally worth it though, it's comfy, cute and held up to all the elements when Greg and I went for our hike. Not only did it go through rain, bush-wacking and dirt, it somehow managed to not get dirty or snagged on any branches. I was seriously amazed. The bad part of wearing a dress though was the crazy amount of mosquito bites I got! Last I counted I had 23, and that's just on my legs!

blog lovelymissmegs megs outfit lace cream h&m dress
My other favourite part of this outfit is my necklace. I bought this forever ago for $2 thinking I could use it for a Tudors costume because it reminded me of something Anne Boleyn would wear. However when I put it on this time I noticed it had a crescent-sort of shape to it which also reminded me of Queen Serenity from Sailor Moon. So now every time I wear this necklace I feel all moon-princessy.

blog lovelymissmegs megs outfit lace cream h&m dress
Lastly, I want to talk about how awesome these sandals are! If you know me then you know I live in flats and nothing else. I honestly haven't owned sandals since I was 12 because all the cute sandals are flip-flop style and I can't stand the feeling of things between my toes. Weird right? Well, because of this quirk it has been impossible for me to find nice sandals.... until now!

I found these super comfy Blowfish sandals at a shoe warehouse for only $15! Hells yeah! The coolest thing about these shoes though is the straps. They are made out of brown elastic instead of suede or leather which means no blisters and no having to work them in! These are seriously the best find ever.

Outfit Info:

Dress: H&M
Cardi: Urban Behaviour
Shoes: Blowfish - SO COMFY!
Necklace: Ardene's
Rose Earrings: Claire's
Belt: Thrifted

Later Days!


P.S. Bonus points for whoever can tell me what "later days" is from.