Costume Shopping

Today is going to be a fun day, I can feel it. When Greg gets off work we are heading to Value Village to try and find costume pieces for his Dr. Who costume. He wants to be the 11th Doctor because he thinks he's a more recognizable character. However to me, Greg looks a lot more like the 10th Doctor. Plus the 10th Doctor is his favourite, so why shouldn't he dress like him?

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See what I mean?!

Now all I have to do is find a good picture of both outfits then print them off to take with us. I know all my nerdy friends will be amazed when I say this, but... I've never actually seen Dr. Who! *Gasp, shock, dismay* I know! I just never found the time to watch because I know it will take over my life until I've caught up. So for now, I'm still in the dark about Dr. Who.

As for my costume. I'm really just not feeling it this year. My friend wants to do Star Wars so badly but she has no time to make her costume and I have money constrictions. If it were any other costume I would be ok with cutting corners, but it's Star Wars! I just don't feel right doing that. I think I'll wait to see what my white wig looks like and if I like it I will continue on with the costume, if not then I can re-wear an old costume. I love my Zatanna one and now I actually have a black wig for it! So I guess you guys will find out what I end up dressing as when I post convention pictures (which won't be til the end of August).

Oh and speaking of costumes, all the stores have started to get their Halloween stuff in. I'M SO STOKED! Halloween is my favourite holiday! More than Christmas, more than my birthday, more than ANYTHING. And what's better is my new neighbourhood is filled with young families which means trick-or-treaters and decorating the house for them to see!!

I get so excited for Halloween, and I'm sure you will notice the closer it gets to the actual day. But until then I'll try to keep the crazy Halloween Lady to a minimum.

Later Days Lovelies!

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