New Books for my Collection

I thought I would share with you the newest additions to my book collection. I picked these up at Michael's Craft store (go figure!) for $5 each. What a steal! Especially since they are both huge hardcover books.

blog lovelymissmegs megs yowayowa
The first book is a sad love story of a woman who must choose between two men, and the second is about Princesses from around the world (duh)

blog lovelymissmegs megs yowayowa
The art in 'Give Me the Moon' is so lovely and romantic. I'm a sucker for beautifully illustrated books and I especially love the main character's snowy white hair. The story is great too because it tells the story of 3 lovers and the origins of the cello.

blog lovelymissmegs megs yowayowa
What I love most about my second book, 'Princesses of the World' are the vibrant, stylized illustrations and the fold out flaps on every page. I also love how they include princesses who are Incan, Russian, Native American, Persian, etc. All the ones who have a wonderful exotic story and live in far off lands.

So yes, those are my newest purchases. One day I'll give you a better sampling of my collection so you can see all the fun books I've acquired over the years. I even have a book that's 100 years old!

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