I'm A Disney Princess

I was reading Simply Kate's blog today and in her post she linked to one of those dress-up doll games. I remember doing these when I was in public school so it was kind of a fun way to kill time and relax. I especially loved it since it was Disney Princess inspired.

So now I bring you the following; it's me if I were a Disney Princess! (You knew it had to be done, I love Disney so much). I included my new strawberry blonde hair and a cute little animal. Clearly if I was a disney princess I would befriend all the small creatures of the forest, because I already do that in real life. Or at least that's what Greg seems to think when we go on our nature walks and chipmunks climb right into my hand.

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The only thing I would change is I wish the game included a third body size for girls who are chubby like me. But other than that, this was fun. Silly, but still fun.

If you would like to princess-ify yourself, check out this website. And if you do princess-ify yourself share your picture with me! We can start a disney princess gang or something.

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