A Fun Birthday Gift Idea!

Today is my little sister's birthday so first off: Happy Birthday Chelsea!

Secondly, today I'm going to share with you a super cool gift you can put together for your friends and family for their special day. I've done this for Chelsea the past 2 years and she loves it! In fact she specifically requested she get this gift again this year, so of course I complied.

What is this super awesome gift you ask? Why it's the Birthday Box! The box that keeps on giving all month long! It's like an advent calendar you would find during Christmas but instead of a small chocolate, you get a different birthday gift every day! Make one by yourself, or get a group of friends to put it together, either way the birthday guy/ gal is going to love it!

Want to make your own birthday box but you aren't sure where to start? Well today's you're lucky day, because I've included some ideas on what you can fill your box with:

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Beauty Products: This is a great time to restock the birthday guy/gal with all their favourite beauty products like body lotion, nail polish, cologne, etc. These can be pretty expensive though, so try getting free samples or only buy one or two of these items if you buy the more expensive brands.

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Everyday Living: These items are the more practical ones for every day use such as calendars, note pads, hobby materials and relaxation items like candles

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Accessories: Accessories make great gifts because they are small (which saves space in the box for bigger items) and because they give your guy/gal something new to add to their wardrobe. The best part is, you can buy most of these things at the dollar store for cheap! And we all know if you're going to be buying 30 days of gifts you want to keep it cheap!

blog lovelymissmegs megan diy birthday

Food: You can't go wrong with food! So wrap up some of your guy/gal's favourite sweets or packaged foods. Don't put any fresh food in there unless you put it as the first gift and you give it to that person the day after you make it! For more ideas, you could also include kitchen items such as wooden spoons, oven mitts, or a nice mug.

blog lovelymissmegs megan diy birthday

Fun & Bizarre Gifts: You have to mix it up a little with the gift giving, so every now and then I like to slip in a gag gift for my sister. Usually a kids craft like a paint your own piggy bank kit, a bottle of bubbles, or an umbrella with a fun pattern on it. These are the gifts that are supposed to make them feel like a kid again. And of course on my sister's actual birthday I usually get her a plastic tiara and birthday girl ribbon with a card, since her real gift is the month long gift giving.

If you're lucky and your birthday guy/ gal has a birthday that falls within a holiday month like October or December you can also toss in a few festive decorations as gifts! Those really help when you're stumped on ideas.

Alright, so now that you have all your gifts bought, all you have left to do is wrap each gift individually then write the date on the wrapping so they know what day to open it on. Try to mix up the gifts so you don't have a bunch of kitchen stuff one week then silly gifts the other. It makes the mystery a lot harder to solve!

Just be warned, anyone who finds out about the birthday box will want their own birthday box when the time comes!

Happy gift giving!

♥ Megan

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