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Hi, my name is Emma, and I have a blog called Little Gothic Horrors. I'd like to thank Megan for inviting me to her October Blog party, and I hope she won't mind, but I've brought some friends along with me. I'd like to introduce you all to The Ghastlies. If you're not already familiar with them, The Ghastlies are part of the Halloween range from Alexander Henry Fabrics, and in my opinion, are the perfect guests for any Halloween soiree.

blog lovelymissmegs megan blog party
The Ghastlies

"In Ghastlie Manor on Ghastlie Street, there's a Ghastlie family there to meet. Mathilda Ghastlie with husband too, extend a Ghastlie hand to you. It's a Ghastlie day for a Ghastlie walk, under Ghastlie trees on a Ghastlie block. A Ghastlie time for Ghastlie things, like Ghastlie pets with Ghastlie wings!"

Alexander Henry Fabrics (Link:

For anyone familiar with my blog, you'll already know that it's no secret that I adore "The Addams Family". Even my profile picture is of my favourite couple, Morticia and Gomez. I like to think of Little Gothic Horrors as a dwelling place for all things delightfully dark, and for me, nothing is more delightfully dark than "The Addams Family". In recent times, however, another creepy clan, The Ghastlies, has come to my attention, and I have become quite besotted with them.

Along with Jack-o'-Lanterns, nothing symbolizes Halloween quite like a spooky house, and a spooky house needs a spooky family. Ghastlie Manor and its eerie inhabitants fit the bill bewitchingly. The images on these fabrics are not only aesthetically just my cup of tea, but they also manage to create an entire little world of Victorian Gothic houses, graveyards, bats, witches, and vampires as the backdrop for this sinister bunch, and their cat, Sebastian.

So, enjoy mingling with The Ghastlies at Lovely Miss Megs' October Blog party, but beware, I can't guarantee that they'll behave!

What a fabulous group of people to bring to the party! Thanks for introducing us Emma. And thank you for letting us know where we can order the fabric. You can bet I'll be buying some!

If you're a fan of all things spooky, gothic, horror or Halloween related be sure to check out Little Gothic Horrors. I love the way Emma writes and her blog fulfills my wish that every day could be Halloween.

♥ Megan
blog lovelymissmegs megan blog party

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