Party Post: Stephanie's List of Must Watch Halloween Shows

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Hello Lovely Miss Megʼs readers, this is Stephanie from Someday Smarter. Besides, getting to dress up in a cool costume and having another excuse to eat copious amounts of candy, I look forward to Halloween because it signals to me the return of the Halloween themed episodes!

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Itʼs The Great Pumpkin Charlie Brown - How can I not have this on my list? Such a classic cartoon that I look forward to watching every year. Poor Linus, forever waiting for The Great Pumpkin. The boy who waited. :P I know you can now buy it on DVD, but itʼs so not the same as watching it on TV.

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Community - “Epidemiology” (Season 2) - Community has a way with perfectly skewing pop culture references in to a 22 min comedy and this episode is no exception. Thereʼs a outbreak at Greendale due to contaminated meat served at the Halloween party and itʼs up to the gang to not get turned. Great references to zombie movies like Night of the Living Dead and 28 Days Later thereʼs one scene where set to a classic 70ʼs song, they fight off the zombies, much like in Shaun of the Dead.

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Halloween Town - Itʼs a cheesy, but fun film about a girl that discovers sheʼs a witch and sets off to Halloween Town to find out more about it. Itʼs classic early ʼ00 Disney Channel before the Mileyʼs and Selenaʼs that we have now. Plus Debbie Reynolds is in it.

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Are You Afraid of the Dark? - Not exactly Halloween themed, but this was one of those shows that scared the crap out of me, yet I would still watch it. After some episodes, I would go straight to my room and hide underneath the covers. Despite that I still wanted to become a member of The Secret Society.
These are all great recommendations Stephanie! I LOVE that episode of Community! In fact it was the first episode I ever saw, so clearly it got me hooked. I love all your other suggestions too. The Halloweentown series is great!

Be sure to check out more from Stephanie over on her blog. This girl is fantastic because she shares her fashion savvy style mixed with her fun personality. I also love how she's not afraid to let her nerdy side show, and I have her to thank for getting me addicted to Doctor Who! So be sure to hop on over there and say hi!

♥ Megan
blog lovelymissmegs megan blog party

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