The Canadian Pavilion at Epcot

Today I'm going to share 2 videos of the Canadian Pavilion at Epcot because I feel like it's been months since I last talked about applying to Disney. Interviews are coming up in less than a month, and my heart and head are in constant competition. My heart is so full of love and excitement that I could probably cry tears of joy, however my head is like, keep it cool Megan. Don't jinx it, and focus on getting hired first.

So while I wait in what feels like eternal limbo I like to watch videos of the Pavilion and vlogs of people who have worked there just to get some background information on it.

This first video is a tour of the Pavilion so you can see what the landscape and buildings look like. I've never been to Epcot, so this was exciting for me to see:

And then there is this video which my friend sent me:

Don't they look like a fun group of people?!

I shared this video with my fellow CRP applicants and they've already made jokes, saying that we need to make our own horribly lip synced video if we get hired. So who knows, maybe in the distant future I'll be the one prancing around in a lumberjack uniform singing Disney classics. I think it would be fun to do!

But first thing's first... I need to get hired! haha

Have a magical day!
♥ Megan

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