Party Post: Trick-or-Treat with Holly

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Hello! *waves* I'm Holly of Holly's Horrorland,
and I'm honored to spend Halloween with all of you!
If you're not going trick or treating tonight, don't be blue!
I have spooky sweets for you to treat yourselves to!

Let's start with some creepy chocolates...

Halloween Truffle Collection
Contains These Six Spooky Sweets:
Extra-Bittersweet Creepy Cat Truffle, Milk Chocolate Pumpkin Truffle,
Blood Orange Bat Truffle, Milk Chocolate Spider Truffle,
Popping Frankenstein Truffle and Peanut Butter & Jelly Eyeball Truffle

Zombie Head Bon Bons
These have cherry brains that bleed! Need I say more?
They'd also make a great gift for a zombie enthusiast.

Zombie Candy Bar
More zombie goodness. This crispy, white chocolate bar begs you to bite it!

You could also create your own creepy chocolates with this kit...

Now for some gory gummies!

blog lovelymissmegs megan blog party
X-Ray Gummy Bears
They're big (3.5") and bootiful! Available in these three flavors:
Green Apple, Orange, and Fruit Punch

blog lovelymissmegs megan blog party
Ice Cube Tray of 14 Gummy Eyeballs
These marshmallow & gummy peepers are perfect for a party,
just plop them in some blood red punch!

[You can also make your own edible eyeballs using this recipe.]

Gummy Skull On a Stick
A jolly skull lolly available in 11 flavors!

Lightning Bugs Candy
These gummy bugs glow! Well, actually the tweezers do.
But still, they're quite creepily cool!

And last but not least, spooky Spider Web Cotton Candy

Add some candy spiders to make it even spookier!

Hope you enjoyed! Thanks to Megan for having me here!


Oh my goodness, all these Halloween treats look AMAZING Holly!!! I can't wait to get my hands on those x-ray gummi bears! They are too cute!

If you loved Holly's guest post be sure to visit her blog for more! She's another one of my favourite horror-themed bloggers, and if you like spooky stuff you'll find yourself right at home in Horrorland.

♥ Megan
blog lovelymissmegs megan blog party

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