Party Post: What Kyla's Loving This Fall

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Hello lovely readers! This is Kyla, from Kyla Is Inspired.

When Meg asked me to guest post on her blog for her October Blog Party, I was thrilled! She asked if I could do a post of all the Autumn-themed items I loved, and I'm so excited to share them with all of you! Fall is my favorite season, and I always look forward to the colors, the layering, the cool, crisp air, and all the neat fall accessories. I hope you enjoy my picks!

blog lovelymissmegs megan guest post kyla inspired
one. Fuse Wisely Dress //

How gorgeous is this orange with the purple?! This color combo takes the typical fall colors up a notch. I feel like if I owned this dress, I would probably wear it at least twice a week.

two. Little Woodland Bear //

This little guy would fit right in on our black sofa, and he could just hang out all fall, bringing good cheer and smiles when you look at him :)

three. Circle Scarf //

I'm yet to own a circle scarf, and I feel like they are an essential fall accessory! I'm loving this one from bark, which is actually local to my area. I see their stuff at my farmers market each week, and each week I am so tempted!

four. Cupcake Soap //

This soap is so cute! I think I would just leave it out as decor, though, because I wouldn't want to ruin it's shape!

five. Cookie Jar //

When I saw this cookie jar, I was immediately drawn towards the colors. To me, these are the perfect fall colors; rich red, pumpkin orange, and gold. And, the whimsical print just makes me want to throw a fall-themed dessert party!

six. Pumpkin Pie Earrings //

I'm a big fan of kitsch jewelry. These pumpkin pie earrings were too cute to pass up. Thanksgiving dinner, anyone?

seven. Colo-blocked Oxfords //

These shoes are pretty much amazing. Does anthropologie really come out with anything bad, though? The shape of the heel, the rounded toe, that rosy pink and gold combination...*sigh* I think I'm in love.

eight. Bonlook Glasses //

I love eyeglasses. I'm actually planning on purchasing these as soon as I get my prescription fixed...if anyone needs a new pair of glasses, check out Bonlook! All pairs are $99, and they're super stylish. I think these are a great pair of glasses that fit in with the fall theme :)

nine. Cross-body Bag //

Is there anything more fall than a gorgeous brown leather cross-body bag? I didn't think so either. I'm definitely lusting after this bag as a perfect fall accessory.

I hope you all enjoyed my favorite picks for fall!

Oh wow Kyla! All those fall finds are gorgeous! I really couldn't think of a better way to get people super stoked for Fall than this post! Thanks!

Be sure to check out Kyla's blog because she's an absolute sweetheart who always finds a way to keep me inspired on a daily basis. In between outfit posts, artist spotlights and her own drawings, how could you not love this girl?!

♥ Megan
blog lovelymissmegs megan guest post kyla inspired

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