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Being unemployed can really suck. Most of your time is spent filling out online applications and tweaking your resume for different jobs, but what can you do to earn some money while you wait for employers to start calling you back?

The answer is simple, sign up for free samples and rewards programs! I had always been super skeptical about these programs but so far it's turned out great! I just received my first $25 gift card to paypal which means I can buy pretty things of my choice for free! So I've decided to share some of my secrets with you all because everyone loves free stuff right?
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Alright, so my first website I'm going to introduce you to is Swagbucks. This website is great because they reward you for doing things you do on a daily basis! If you use their search engine, you get rewarded. If you watch movie trailers, you get rewarded. If you play internet games, you get rewarded! Pretty sweet eh? They also have surveys you can do to earn more, but it's not necessary. Also, if you live in the States a cool thing they do is they give you coupons to use on your everyday shopping and if you use it then they reward you with more Swagbucks! WHA?! They pay you to shop cheaply? Awesome!

The way I earn most of my rewards is through Swagbucks TV which is where you can watch everything from fashion interviews to video game trailers. And the best part is, you don't technically have to watch. What I'll usually do is open up swagbucks tv in a seperate tab and just let the video play while I do other things online like blogging or checking e-mails. Genius right? It's no wonder I was able to earn enough to get paypal gift cards. It's so easy to do.

This next section I'm going to list a bunch of free samples you can snag. Because free stuff is good stuff!

For Canadians:
Free Kashi Bar - You get a choice of 4 of their snack bars
25 Free Digital Prints from Blacks Photography- use the code GET25FREE at the checkout
Get a free sample of Woolite Extra Dark Care
Free Fragrance Sample of Burberry Body for Women - Print this coupon then take it to The Bay's fragrance counter. Limit of one per customer, and the offer is valid through September 30, or while supplies last.
P&G Sampler packages - Every month they offer free packages filled with P&G brand items such as feminine products, or shampoos.

For Americans:

P&G Sampler Packages - Every month they offer free packages filled with P&G brand items such as feminine products, fragrances or shampoos.
Free Sample of Playtex Sports Tampons
Free sample of Nescafe Tasters Choice: Just sign up
2 Free Tea Samples from Teasta: Use code TRYME
Georgio Armani Sport Code Fragrance for Men: Get your fella free samples too! (Click free sample on right side of webpage)

For Everyone:
Beyond the Rack is giving a free $15 credit if you sign up between now and Oct 9th. They have lots of cute jewelry, dresses and shoes! *Note: you still need to pay shipping
Free Sample of Lacoste Fragrance: Your choice of "Joy of Pink" and "Touch of Pink"

I hope this is helpful for you guys!

♥ Megan

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