Summer Challenge Results

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Does anyone remember this post I wrote back in July saying I wanted to accomplish all my goals by September 1st? Well, it's officially September 1st and I didn't get them ALL done, but I did get a few.

1. Grow My Hair Out: Oh boy is my hair getting longer, but right now it's in that stupidly awkward stage where it's too long to be short and too short to be long. So my hair has been in perma-ponytail mode this past month.

2. Learn to Ride a Bike: Nope, still haven't learned yet. Greg keeps saying he'll teach me but then we always forget. One day it will happen. One day.

3. Get Active: I've been going on lots of walks :)

4. Throw a Luau Party: I tried so hard to make this happen but it's difficult to plan it when it's at someone else's house. So this never happened either. BOO. This was the one goal I really wanted to happen.

5. Apply to the Disney Cultural Representative Program:
Done! I applied in the beginning of July, then had my phone interview on August 4th which I think went well. Now I have 2 more weeks to go before I hear if I made it to the next round which will be in person interviews in November. I'll for sure keep you guys posted!

Overall I did an ok job at getting everything accomplished, and I even have an idea for next year's Summer Challenge! So I'm excited about that (but not as excited as I am for FALL!)

What was your favourite thing about this summer?

♥ Megan

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