Cleaning Out My Closet

As part of my ongoing Wardrobe Project, I decided to donate some clothes today that I haven't worn in years or that are too small for me. This means two things: 1. I'll have less to sort through at the end of the year and 2. less stuff to pack for my big move on June 9th!

However you can't spend all day stuck in a room cleaning without some motivational music, so I though I'd share my cleaning playlist with you.
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Girls Generation

Whenever I'm cleaning I always listen to Korean pop music. It's super up-beat and catchy so it gives me lots of energy and keeps me happy during long, boring chores!

What kind of music motivates you, and do you dance around when you're cleaning?

I totally do! haha


P.S. Check out this awesome review Divergent Musings did of the movie Thor. I saw it on Sunday with Greg and agree with everything she wrote in her review. Such a good movie! Mmmm Thor's voice is so sexy.

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