My Favourite Things Monday: Web Comics

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This week's theme is web comics, meaning comic strips that you read online. Pretty self explanatory right? I personally enjoy comics with nerdy references or jokes about sexuality but if that's not your thing that's A-ok with me. Here are a few of my favourites:

Least I Could Do

least I could do sohmer lar rayne

'Least I Could Do' is by 2 of my favourite Canadians, Ryan Sohmer and Lar deSouza. The comic itself follows the main character Rayne in all his sexually promiscuous adventures. In between the jokes about sex though you get lots of nerdy content too! Like Lord of the Rings, Star Wars and comic book references, a cute storyline involving his niece Ashley, and pop-culture topics relevant to today. I start every day by reading this comic which is updated daily. Also, on Sundays they do a flashback comic called 'Beginnings' which follows Rayne as an 8 year old child.

Girls With Slingshots

girls with slingshots danielle corsetto

Girls with Slingshots is about 2 girls, and a talking cactus. It's written and illustrated by Danielle Corsetto and updates Monday-Friday. This comic evolves around two best friends Hazel and Jamie and their struggles in surviving life. Helping them along the way is their eclectic group of friends who include a balding barista, a socially awkward computer geek, an irish cactus named McPedro and a dominatrix who's dream job is to be a librarian.

My Cardboard Life

gmy cardboard life

My Cardboard Life is about Colin Cardboard and his friend Pauline Paper. What I love most about this comic is that the entire comic is made from scraps of paper, cloth, tin foil and random everyday objects. Each panel is hand cut and glued by Philippa Rice which I can only guess would take forever to do. I love the craftiness of the comic and the characters are adorable. This comic is way different than the other two I mentioned and is full of wholesome fun.

the gutters scooby doo justice league batman green lantern

Gutters is brought to you again by Ryan Sohmer and Lar deSouza with the help of different artists from the world of comic books each week. This is the nerdiest of all the comics I read and you kind of have to have a working knowledge of popular comic books and the comic book industry, but even still if you have seen a marvel or DC blockbuster you might get some of the jokes.

Do any of you read webcomics? If so link me to a few of your favourites, I love new reading material!


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