My Favourite Things Monday: Nerd Edition

blog lovelymissmegs miss megs my favourite things monday

This week is all about nerdy things that make heart pitter-patter with joy ^_^

blog lovelymissmegs star wars lego men
( ♥ ) this set of HILARIOUS Star Wars lego men photos

blog lovelymissmegs big bang theory sheldon leonard penny raj howard nerd
( ♥ ) this show, and more importantly this photo, wow!

blog lovelymissmegs portal portal2 aperture
( ♥ ) this .gif of Dumbledore dancing!

blog lovelymissmegs portal portal2 aperture
( ♥ ) this game. Finished the co-op version with my boyfriend a couple weeks ago.

And last but not least

blog lovelymissmegs pikachu pika chu pokemon
( ♥ ) this pooped Pikachu

What are some of your favourite things this week, I'd love to know!



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