A Night Out on the Town

Yesterday was so much fun. My boyfriend's family invited me to dinner in Toronto, then to see The Sears Drama Festival in which his uncle's play was being showcased. The Sears Drama Festival is a festival where high school students compete in theatrical performances at different levels, leading up to the big showcase of the best ones (think GLEE, but with drama instead of choir). When I was in high school, I myself was a huge theater kid and went to compete at the festival, so this experience was a flash from the past for me, and I loved every minute of it.

For dinner we went to this small restaurant called Caren's and honestly, I've never been to a more amazing restaurant. The food was amazing and the decor was so whimsical. When I get a house of my own I want my backyard to look like this!

blog lovelymissmegs Toronto Caren's restaurant pillows
Pillows in teal and coral were lined up on all the benches. I love this colour combo.

blog lovelymissmegs Toronto Caren's restaurant lantern crochetblog lovelymissmegs Toronto Caren's restaurant daisy gerber flower
I really must get one of these lanterns! They had tons of them in various sizes all hanging from rafters above the patio. It made it feel like we were part of a whimsical garden party. The fresh gerbers were a nice touch.

blog lovelymissmegs Toronto Caren's restaurant risotto wild mushroom food
blog lovelymissmegs Toronto Caren's restaurant stuffed burger potato gratin food
I had the most amazing wild mushroom risotto with truffle oil. Yum! I also got a picture of Greg's mom's meal. A burger stuffed with cheese and mushrooms with potato gratin as a side.

blog lovelymissmegs Toronto Laura fashion outfitblog lovelymissmegs Toronto Megan fashion outfit tights
My friend Laura (Greg's sister) looking like a model, strutting down the streets of Toronto. I love her style.....and then you have me... haha.

blog lovelymissmegs Toronto University old building vines
The gorgeous building where we saw the plays.

blog lovelymissmegs Toronto Sears Festival Goderich High school Macbeth
This photo is of the students setting the stage for the post apocalyptic retelling of Macbeth. This was the play Greg's uncle adapted and directed. It was brilliant. And the coolest thing? The lamp post above the man on the right's head actually worked, and not only that, but the lights would flicker like it was burning out. The mood, set, tech and costumes were all amazing!


Here's a bad quality photo of the play I did at the festival 6 years ago! It was called Never Swim Alone by Daniel MacIvor. Oh theater how I miss you.

blog lovelymissmegs Toronto Sears Festival Sinclair high school Never Swim Alone Daniel MacIvor

How was your Friday night?


P.S. In case you couldn't tell I decided to stop writing Feel Good Fridays. As much as I love sharing stories about amazing people who deserve recognition for their accomplishments, I just wasn't feeling inspired when I wrote it. Soon it started to feel like I was writing papers for school again instead of things that interest me. Oh well, I tried. My Favourite Things Monday is still going to happen every week though so stay tuned. Same bat-time, same bat-channel.

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