Words cannot describe how excited I am!

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Back in April I ordered a wig from mildgreentea-1 on ebay as an early birthday present to myself.

I waited, and waited and waited and started to become increasingly impatient and anxious for my wig to get here. 14 business days later, I still had nothing.

Now for a little background info; I'm REALLY new to this whole ebay thing. In fact this is the second time I've ever ordered off the site so I was nervous about having to contact the shop owner to let them know I hadn't got my wig.

The owner was really nice and understanding though and she was a total sweetheart who apologized more than she probably needed too. She said that since the wig was coming from Hong Kong it might take 20 days instead of the 14 to get there, so I was like, cool, no problem I'll wait the 20 days. She seemed super happy that I was cool with the whole situation so that made it a lot less nerve racking for me.

Then, on day 19 of me waiting, IT ARRIVED! wooo!

I honestly love this wig so much!! It's comfy, realistic looking and made of awesome! However I only had 20 minutes to try this on and take a quick picture because I'm heading out to the Sears Drama Festival Showcase tonight with my boyfriend and his family. I'll expand more on that later.

Until then, you'll have to deal with crappy photobooth pictures until I can take better ones with my camera.

blog miss megs lovelymissmegs wig mildgreentea-1 ebay

Haha, I'm so awkward.

Peace out,


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