Comics and Horror and Sci-fi, Oh My! ...It's Fan-Expo Time!

If you couldn't tell by my post on Monday, I am a giant nerd, and I love it.

Every year my best friend and I get dressed up in costumes (yeah, we're those kind of people) and head down to Toronto to visit Fan-Expo which is 5 conventions all held under one roof (sci-fi, horror movie, comic book, video game and anime). It's amazing!

Now I know I'm getting ahead of myself seeing as the convention doesn't actually take place til the last weekend in August, but when you're making a costume it's never to early to start.

So why am I writing this entry? Well I need your help.

My best friend and I like to co-ordinate our costumes and this year's theme is Star Wars! So exciting! However no matter what I dress as it won't compare to my friend who will be dressing as this:

blog lovelymissmegs star wars sith twi'lek fanexpo

Which means every 5 feet she will be stopped to have her picture taken by creepy guys while I hold her purse. True story, it happens every year because she wears crazy costumes like that and has the body to rock them.

I however do not. So these are the two options I'm left with:

blog lovelymissmegs star wars jediblog lovelymissmegs star wars amidala padme parade gown dress

They both have pros and cons but are equal in terms of I want to wear them both.


Pros: Comfy, easy to make and I already have the boots & pants which means cheaper to make, plus this Jedi looks bad-ass and I can fight my friend who's a sith in photos.
Cons: Not as impressive of a costume, everyone and their grandma dress up as jedi (but usually in the brown/cream combo that's why I chose this costume instead)


Pros: Looks impressive, it's girly, you can tell right away it's star wars
Cons: That cape will take forever to dye and sew all the petals on, it might get stepped on, it will be expensive to make

Which costume do you think I should make?


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