Hey all,

Just to let you know there won't be a My Favourite Things Monday today. Actually you probably won't hear from me until at least Thursday because I'm running around like a mad woman!

2 days til I graduate, 11 til I move!

I'll have lots to share when I get back though!



Guest Post for Lilac and Lace's Blog Party - Check it Out!

Sorry this is late folks. The party was technically yesterday, however blogger wouldn't let me sign in to tell you all about it (technically I still can't sign in through blogger I have to go the round-about way through gmail).

Anywho, yesterday Heather from Lilac and Lace hosted a SUPER COOL blog party!

What is a blog party you ask? Don't worry I had no clue either. Pretty much it's a collection of guest posts ranging from DIYs, recipes, reviews and giveaways from tons of lovely bloggers. Then throughout the day the posts are put up for everyone to read. It's like a new source of excitement every hour!

For my entry I really had no clue what to write about. At first I was like, "I'll do an outfit post and talk about the wardrobe project"... but it was rainy outside so that didn't happen. Then I was like "Oh! I'll make a DIY on how to make a shirred dress!" ...but then I realized all my sewing stuff was packed up for the big move. So finally I decided to write a tutorial on making your own 'no sew bow'. I've made a lot of these in the past so I though why not! It's simple, it's easy, it's fast, lets rock and roll!

If you're interested in reading my tutorial be sure to check it out by clicking the picture below.

blog lovelymissmegs no sew bow DIY craft

This was the first tutorial I've ever made, so I don't know how helpful this actually is, but I tried. So that's what matters right?!

Anyways, be sure to check out all the other awesome blog party posts and giveaways from yesterday. They are all pretty sweet. I'm especially in love with the 'Get your bake on' prize. The measuring spoons alone are to die for!! Ah! So cute!!

Peace out lovelies!



Write My Name Across The Sky

Yesterday we had such weird weather in my hometown. When I woke up the sky was blue and the sun was shining. Fast forward to the afternoon and the sky had turned dark grey and we had a HUGE downpour with thunder and lightning. I don't know why, but it struck me as weird how fast and drastically the weather changed. Not to mention the rain was coming down so hard it sounded more like hail.

Good thing I spent the whole day indoors packing up for our move in 16 days. We are so far behind on packing, but I know somehow we can do it. The Soares girls have always been pros at last minute packing!

In the evening I headed over to Greg's house and that's when the weather got really weird. As I was driving the sun was out behind me and the sky was turning back to blue. However ahead of me the sky was still dark grey, with lightning, and a rainbow!

I've never in my life seen lightning and a rainbow at the same time. It was surreal.

When I got to Greg's we didn't really do much because I wasn't feeling too well. We just kind of hung out and watched tv. Then it got dark and we could hear fireworks going off somewhere in his neighbourhood so we went outside to try and see them. No luck though. So we grabbed the sparklers I bought earlier at the dollar store and took some fun pictures. His sister Laura and her boyfriend Kyle joined us later on.

It's amazing how much fun a bunch of 20-something year olds can still have playing with sparklers. It's just like I used to do every Victoria day when I was a kid.

blog lovelymissmegs my favourite things monday vogue korea

blog lovelymissmegs my favourite things monday vogue korea
We all wrote our names with the sparklers!

blog lovelymissmegs my favourite things monday vogue korea
Doodles! The left is Greg's stick figure and the top right is Laura and Kyle attempting to sword fight

My favourite part of the night had to be when Laura said "Are you ready for this? This is going to be an awesome picture!" She then threw the sparkler up in the air thinking it would fall back down, but no, instead she ended up throwing it on the roof. After a few moments of hoping the dead leaves on the roof wouldn't catch fire the sparkler went out and we all had a good laugh.

I think in the future I'm going to try experimenting with more sparkler pictures, this was way too much fun!

blog lovelymissmegs my favourite things monday vogue korea


My Favourite Things Monday: International Vogue

blog lovelymissmegs my favourite things monday

This week's special is Vogue Magazines from around the world!

Truthfully, I've always liked looking at international Vogue more than the US version because I find their photo spreads to be more interesting. Maybe it's the different models, styling, or mood their photography has, or maybe I'm just crazy and there isn't much difference. What do you think?

blog lovelymissmegs my favourite things monday vogue nippon
Vogue Nippon

blog lovelymissmegs my favourite things monday vogue italia
Vogue Italia

blog lovelymissmegs my favourite things monday vogue russia
Vogue Russia

blog lovelymissmegs my favourite things monday vogue china
Vogue China

blog lovelymissmegs my favourite things monday vogue india
Vogue India

blog lovelymissmegs my favourite things monday vogue korea
Vogue Korea

Also I just want to say I'm really sorry guys. I realize most of my posts lately have been image heavy. I can't help it. I'm a visual kind of person. But I'll try to cut down on them for a while and post some real written stuff. I'm thinking I'll post a REALLY simple drink recipe soon.

Take care my lovelies!



New Art

blog lovelymissmegs royal botanical gardens flowers greg date day

I made some fan art for the always lovely Jen over at Hell Razor because:

1. She is AWESOME and super sweet
2. I LOVE her etsy shop and all the gorgeous things she makes
3. When I was drawing this girl her outfit screamed to be accessorized with Jen's lovely creations

So if you're interested in seeing the full image check it out here. And while you're there check out the rest of her blog. I'm sure you won't want to leave with all the awesome stuff she posts!




Date Day: Royal Botanical Gardens

Like I mentioned yesterday, here are the pictures from my date day with Greg to the Royal Botanical Gardens. It was by far my most favourite date day I've ever gone on because it was such an adventure. Not only were we surrounded by gorgeous scenery, but it was a great workout too.  Lots of walking, climbing and running around taking silly photos!

We lucked out too because it had rained earlier in the day and only 2 of the gardens were in bloom which meant practically no one was there. We honestly saw maybe 6 photographers and an adorable 3 generation family who we took group photos for. But other than that the garden was all ours to explore!

blog lovelymissmegs royal botanical gardens flowers greg date day
Tropical garden flowers. The purple ones looked like crumpled tissue paper

blog lovelymissmegs royal botanical gardens flowers greg date day
Fun photos of Greg

blog lovelymissmegs royal botanical gardens flowers greg date day
I have the WORST balance of anyone I know, so I looked like a tool walking down the steep stairs. I almost fell twice

blog lovelymissmegs royal botanical gardens flowers greg date day
Greg hanging from a tree

blog lovelymissmegs royal botanical gardens flowers greg date day
My best friend and I have a tradition where if we see a statue we take a picture of us posing as the statue. Seeing as I was in a dress I opted for the disney princess pose instead. I feel like Giselle

blog lovelymissmegs royal botanical gardens flowers greg date day
Top right photo is probably my fav photo from the day. Hot-pink double-bloom tulips

blog lovelymissmegs royal botanical gardens flowers greg date day
♥ ♥ ♥

Yesterday was also lots of fun because Greg is becoming more interested in photography, even if he won't admit it. There were lots of times when he would steal the camera from me to go take pictures, so I'll admit not all these photos were taken by me. But that's a-ok with me. Finding something else we are both interested in is awesome!

Also, random note unrelated to yesterday: it currently looks like it's snowing outside my window because there are huge fluffy dandelions floating through the air in my backyard. It's so beautiful to watch. Gosh I love spring!!

What have you lovely ladies done to embrace the nice weather?


Oh, and one last thing! I just want to say hi to all my new followers (and the older ones too of course) "Hi!" :)


What I Wore: Accidental Alice

It's time for another look into my wardrobe!

Today's look: Accidental Alice. I call it this because I didn't realize I looked like Alice in Wonderland until a friend commented on Facebook saying I look like her. Oops!

I'm LOVIN' my new wig though! I feel SO pretty when I wear it. I just wish my real hair would look like this. Curse my super thick frizzy hair of dooom. *fist shake*

Ok picture time:

blog lovelymissmegs outfit alice blue dress blond wig wardrobe projectblog lovelymissmegs outfit alice blue dress blond wig wardrobe project
blog lovelymissmegs outfit alice blue dress blond wig wardrobe projectblog lovelymissmegs outfit alice blue dress blond wig wardrobe project
blog lovelymissmegs outfit alice blue dress blond wig wardrobe project

Dress: H&M
Shoes: Urban Planet
Bag: Designer Depot
Hairband: Claires
Wig: Mildgreentea-1

Note: If you are anything like me when watching movies, all continuity errors will make your eye twitch, so I apologize for the continuity error in these photos. You'll notice I was originally wearing my wedges because I'm slowly trying to break them in before graduation. However all pictures of me in the grass you'll notice I'm wearing flats. The reason for this is the ground was still wet and I didn't want to get my wedges all muddy before grad.

Yeah, I'm a thinker. haha.

* These photos were taken at the Royal Botanical Gardens yesterday by Greg. Stay tuned I'll have another post by tomorrow at the latest with all the pictures of the pretty flowers and our adventures. In my opinion it was one of the best date days we've ever had. :)



New Glasses, New Dress, New Chapter in My Life

Does anyone else hate those drops the optometrist puts in your eyes that make your pupils dialate and everything go super blurry? I know I do! My optometrist laughs at me every time she tries to put them in because I freak out when anything gets close to my eye. *fail* This is why I will never wear contacts.

Anywho, just a small update on life:

Yesterday I got my eyes checked and ordered a new pair of glasses. This pair is totally not something I ever would have picked out but when the lady handed them to me and I put them on it was instant love. I think the reason for the instant love was because as soon as I put them on I felt a connection with my favourite genius, Dr. Spencer Reid from Criminal Minds. (He's also my future husband, he just doesn't know it yet!)

blog lovelymissmegs dr. spencer reid criminal minds glasses

My new glasses look kind of like this but they have frames around the bottom too. I'll for sure take pictures when I actually get them in 7-10 business days. I'm hoping it's sooner than later because I really want my glasses.

In other news I got my graduation dress! This is just a sneak peak for now. You'll see the actual dress when I post my graduation pictures in T-minus 13 days! I'm so excited!

blog lovelymissmegs dress graduation floral lace crochet blue pink cream

This dress was expensive (well, more than I'd normally spend on a dress) but I decided to treat myself because I only graduate once. I also justified the price because it's perfect to wear to Greg's cousin's wedding this summer and I can dress it up or down to wear in my everyday life too. Win!

Now all I need to do is figure out what the heck I'm going to do with my life now that I've graduated.

Any suggestions/ advice?



Comics and Horror and Sci-fi, Oh My! ...It's Fan-Expo Time!

If you couldn't tell by my post on Monday, I am a giant nerd, and I love it.

Every year my best friend and I get dressed up in costumes (yeah, we're those kind of people) and head down to Toronto to visit Fan-Expo which is 5 conventions all held under one roof (sci-fi, horror movie, comic book, video game and anime). It's amazing!

Now I know I'm getting ahead of myself seeing as the convention doesn't actually take place til the last weekend in August, but when you're making a costume it's never to early to start.

So why am I writing this entry? Well I need your help.

My best friend and I like to co-ordinate our costumes and this year's theme is Star Wars! So exciting! However no matter what I dress as it won't compare to my friend who will be dressing as this:

blog lovelymissmegs star wars sith twi'lek fanexpo

Which means every 5 feet she will be stopped to have her picture taken by creepy guys while I hold her purse. True story, it happens every year because she wears crazy costumes like that and has the body to rock them.

I however do not. So these are the two options I'm left with:

blog lovelymissmegs star wars jediblog lovelymissmegs star wars amidala padme parade gown dress

They both have pros and cons but are equal in terms of I want to wear them both.


Pros: Comfy, easy to make and I already have the boots & pants which means cheaper to make, plus this Jedi looks bad-ass and I can fight my friend who's a sith in photos.
Cons: Not as impressive of a costume, everyone and their grandma dress up as jedi (but usually in the brown/cream combo that's why I chose this costume instead)


Pros: Looks impressive, it's girly, you can tell right away it's star wars
Cons: That cape will take forever to dye and sew all the petals on, it might get stepped on, it will be expensive to make

Which costume do you think I should make?



Cleaning Out My Closet

As part of my ongoing Wardrobe Project, I decided to donate some clothes today that I haven't worn in years or that are too small for me. This means two things: 1. I'll have less to sort through at the end of the year and 2. less stuff to pack for my big move on June 9th!

However you can't spend all day stuck in a room cleaning without some motivational music, so I though I'd share my cleaning playlist with you.

blog lovelymissmegs miss megs my favourite things monday
Girls Generation

Whenever I'm cleaning I always listen to Korean pop music. It's super up-beat and catchy so it gives me lots of energy and keeps me happy during long, boring chores!

What kind of music motivates you, and do you dance around when you're cleaning?

I totally do! haha


P.S. Check out this awesome review Divergent Musings did of the movie Thor. I saw it on Sunday with Greg and agree with everything she wrote in her review. Such a good movie! Mmmm Thor's voice is so sexy.


My Favourite Things Monday: Nerd Edition

blog lovelymissmegs miss megs my favourite things monday

This week is all about nerdy things that make heart pitter-patter with joy ^_^

blog lovelymissmegs star wars lego men
( ♥ ) this set of HILARIOUS Star Wars lego men photos

blog lovelymissmegs big bang theory sheldon leonard penny raj howard nerd
( ♥ ) this show, and more importantly this photo, wow!

blog lovelymissmegs portal portal2 aperture
( ♥ ) this .gif of Dumbledore dancing!

blog lovelymissmegs portal portal2 aperture
( ♥ ) this game. Finished the co-op version with my boyfriend a couple weeks ago.

And last but not least

blog lovelymissmegs pikachu pika chu pokemon
( ♥ ) this pooped Pikachu

What are some of your favourite things this week, I'd love to know!



A Night Out on the Town

Yesterday was so much fun. My boyfriend's family invited me to dinner in Toronto, then to see The Sears Drama Festival in which his uncle's play was being showcased. The Sears Drama Festival is a festival where high school students compete in theatrical performances at different levels, leading up to the big showcase of the best ones (think GLEE, but with drama instead of choir). When I was in high school, I myself was a huge theater kid and went to compete at the festival, so this experience was a flash from the past for me, and I loved every minute of it.

For dinner we went to this small restaurant called Caren's and honestly, I've never been to a more amazing restaurant. The food was amazing and the decor was so whimsical. When I get a house of my own I want my backyard to look like this!

blog lovelymissmegs Toronto Caren's restaurant pillows

Pillows in teal and coral were lined up on all the benches. I love this colour combo.

blog lovelymissmegs Toronto Caren's restaurant lantern crochetblog lovelymissmegs Toronto Caren's restaurant daisy gerber flower
I really must get one of these lanterns! They had tons of them in various sizes all hanging from rafters above the patio. It made it feel like we were part of a whimsical garden party. The fresh gerbers were a nice touch.

blog lovelymissmegs Toronto Caren's restaurant risotto wild mushroom food
blog lovelymissmegs Toronto Caren's restaurant stuffed burger potato gratin food
I had the most amazing wild mushroom risotto with truffle oil. Yum! I also got a picture of Greg's mom's meal. A burger stuffed with cheese and mushrooms with potato gratin as a side.

blog lovelymissmegs Toronto Laura fashion outfitblog lovelymissmegs Toronto Megan fashion outfit tights
My friend Laura (Greg's sister) looking like a model, strutting down the streets of Toronto. I love her style.....and then you have me... haha.

blog lovelymissmegs Toronto University old building vines
The gorgeous building where we saw the plays.

blog lovelymissmegs Toronto Sears Festival Goderich High school Macbeth
This photo is of the students setting the stage for the post apocalyptic retelling of Macbeth. This was the play Greg's uncle adapted and directed. It was brilliant. And the coolest thing? The lamp post above the man on the right's head actually worked, and not only that, but the lights would flicker like it was burning out. The mood, set, tech and costumes were all amazing!


Here's a bad quality photo of the play I did at the festival 6 years ago! It was called Never Swim Alone by Daniel MacIvor. Oh theater how I miss you.

blog lovelymissmegs Toronto Sears Festival Sinclair high school Never Swim Alone Daniel MacIvor

How was your Friday night?


P.S. In case you couldn't tell I decided to stop writing Feel Good Fridays. As much as I love sharing stories about amazing people who deserve recognition for their accomplishments, I just wasn't feeling inspired when I wrote it. Soon it started to feel like I was writing papers for school again instead of things that interest me. Oh well, I tried. My Favourite Things Monday is still going to happen every week though so stay tuned. Same bat-time, same bat-channel.

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